Lioudmila Haimovici – Charitable Medical Professional

Lioudmila Haimovici is a skilled cosmetic surgery professional, and as such seeks to provide patients the opportunity to look, feel and perform better while receiving the confidence enhancement they need to reach for and attain their dreams. As an experienced and well trained cosmetic surgeon, Haimovici helps patients combat the deformities that often result from aging, genetics, obesity, pregnancy and more, helping every patient find a new lease of life through improved appearance and better self-esteem.

It is both the will and the desire of Lioudmila Haimovici that motivates her to serve the needs of patients on a daily basis. It is this same internal drive responsible for her involvement in the “Creando Sonrias Para Toda Una Vida” mission, an event she volunteered for in 2011, and that afforded her the opportunity to put her skills, training and passion to good use for a population in dire need of quality medical treatment.

As a volunteer for the Dominican Republic-based mission, Lioudmila Haimovici enjoyed the chance to provide invaluable Cleft lip and Palate/Trauma Reconstructive Surgery and services to many less fortunate people; to make a genuine and substantial difference in the lives of people who would not have otherwise had access to such great medical care. The mission, which helped many get the help they need to live a healthier life, provided Haimovici a deep sense of reward and fulfillment, and is an experience that will truly be with her for the rest of her life. She looks back fondly on the experience, as well as kindness and hospitality of the Dominican people.


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