Lioudmila Haimovici – Equality

Lioudmila Haimovici is an extremely educated and passionate Plastic Surgeon who spends her life helping women achieve the physical image they desire. She hopes this will drive them to feel better about themselves on multiple fronts, the least of which is physical. Through this boost in self-esteem and finding self-worth inwardly, Lioudmila Haimovici believes women will be able to do more things and be less fearful. Lioudmila Haimovici loves the ability to provide cosmetic surgery that can repair or cover up deformities and scars, many of which come from a natural life. Lioudmila Haimovici believes that because of these surgeries, her patients are given the ability to live more accomplished lives without being bogged down by worry and stress.

Lioudmila Haimovici is also an advocate of gender equality, and is always seeking methods to promote and push for equal rights in the professional world and the government. Although she agrees great steps have been taken to move forward in these areas, Lioudmila Haimovici says there is still a long way to go. She hopes that her efforts to transform women inwardly and outwardly will start to have an effect on the subject, but knows it is unlikely to go far in solving any real problems. It is because of this that she has been fostering a dream project, a foundation which will bring women together to work alongside each other and build one another up with encouragement.

As both a mother and a working professional, Lioudmila Haimovici hopes to set herself up as a role model for the next generation of women.


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