Familiarization – Lomonosov Moscow University

Lomonosov Moscow University was founded on January 25, 1755. The founder of Lomonosov Moscow University was Mikhail Lomonosov. Lomonosov Moscow University was renamed in honor of Lomonosov in the year 1940, and at that time was known as Lomonosov University. The university houses the tallest educational compound in the world. The current rector of the university is Victor Sadovnichiy.

Today there are more than 4,000 academics and 15,000 supporting staff at Lomonosov Moscow University. About 5,000 scholars are employed at the university’s research institutions and related centers. There are more than 40,000 undergraduates and 7,000 advanced degree candidates enrolled at the university.

The prestigious university has very well-established contacts with a majority of the other distinguished universities in the world, and exchanges students as well as lectures with the top institutions of higher learning from around the world. Among the many courses and institutions of which Lomonosov Moscow University houses are the UNESCO International Demography Courses, the International Biotechnology Center, the UNESCO Hydrology Courses, the International Laser Center, and seminars or courses on the Russian language.

More than 60 scientists, politicians, and statesmen from abroad have been awarded honorary degrees from the University. Numerous high-profile university scientists and scholars in return hold honorary degrees from international universities and academies.

Lomonosov Moscow University is one of the world’s most prestigious educational institutions, and, as such, has very demanding entry requirements that apply to potential students.

Lioudmila Haimovici graduated Magna Cum Laude from Lomonosov Moscow University, earning her bachelors degree from the institution.


The Many Benefits of Swimming

Swimming is a physical activity that is a popular sport for many individuals. There are many different types of swimming activities that are practiced around the globe. Some of the most popular ways in which people participate in swimming activities are team and individual competitive swimming sports. There are also many individuals who swim for reasons outside of sporting competitions.

There are many different types of swimmers, and there are also many different reasons why people swim. Some individuals begin swimming at an early age and eventually become professionals within the sport of swimming. There are many professions related to swimming, including; professional sports player, lifeguard, and swimming coach.

Many individuals swim purely for passion. The joy and thrill of swimming through various bodies of water, including Olympic sized pools, the ocean, or other natural bodies of water, is very worthwhile to many individuals.

Furthermore, the reasons for swimming go beyond professional and leisurely swimming pursuits. Some individuals swim specifically for health reasons, as swimming has been shown to provide numerous physical health benefits, especially concerning cardiovascular health. Additionally, there are many charitable swimming events held throughout the world, including the Swim Across America 5 mile event, which afford participants the opportunity to support a vast array of charities through their participation.

When it comes to swimming, there are many different ways to swim. According to one popular swimming website, the five most popular swimming styles include the following:

•    Backstroke

•    Breaststroke

•    Butterfly

•    Sidestroke

•    Front Crawl

Lioudmila Haimovici is a passionate swimmer.

Lioudmila Haimovici – Equality

Lioudmila Haimovici is an extremely educated and passionate Plastic Surgeon who spends her life helping women achieve the physical image they desire. She hopes this will drive them to feel better about themselves on multiple fronts, the least of which is physical. Through this boost in self-esteem and finding self-worth inwardly, Lioudmila Haimovici believes women will be able to do more things and be less fearful. Lioudmila Haimovici loves the ability to provide cosmetic surgery that can repair or cover up deformities and scars, many of which come from a natural life. Lioudmila Haimovici believes that because of these surgeries, her patients are given the ability to live more accomplished lives without being bogged down by worry and stress.

Lioudmila Haimovici is also an advocate of gender equality, and is always seeking methods to promote and push for equal rights in the professional world and the government. Although she agrees great steps have been taken to move forward in these areas, Lioudmila Haimovici says there is still a long way to go. She hopes that her efforts to transform women inwardly and outwardly will start to have an effect on the subject, but knows it is unlikely to go far in solving any real problems. It is because of this that she has been fostering a dream project, a foundation which will bring women together to work alongside each other and build one another up with encouragement.

As both a mother and a working professional, Lioudmila Haimovici hopes to set herself up as a role model for the next generation of women.

Lioudmila Haimovici – Volunteer Experience

Lioudmila Haimovici understands just how important the work of volunteers is to the health and strength of the local community, not to mention to the lives of people who depend on their work to as a source of much-needed support and assistance. Haimovici, an experienced volunteer, looks forward to the opportunity to be a positive, impactful and influential person in the lives of less fortunate people, and to serve their needs as best as she can.

A volunteer for a 2011 mission to provide medical services to the less fortunate of the Dominican Republic, Lioudmila Haimovici understands the challenges many populations face in terms of obtaining the proper medical care, clean water, food and adequate shelter. The mission, which was named “Creando Sonrias para Toda Una Vida,” provided the people of the Dominican Republic medical treatments and care they would have otherwise been forced to do without, and afforded Haimovici the chance to really make a positive impact for such an in-need population.

Lioudmila Haimovici, an expert reconstructive and cosmetic surgeon, enjoyed the chance to utilize her considerable skill and experience to provide real and lasting benefits to members of the struggling population. She enjoyed multiple opportunities to perform both Cleft lip and Palate/Trauma Reconstructive surgery on in-need people, and to help provide them an opportunity for a better, happier and more fulfilling life.

Haimovici currently practices in New York, and is a member of several professional organizations, including the American Osteopathic Association, the American College of Surgeons and the American Society of Plastic Surgeons.

Lioudmila Haimovici – Charitable Medical Professional

Lioudmila Haimovici is a skilled cosmetic surgery professional, and as such seeks to provide patients the opportunity to look, feel and perform better while receiving the confidence enhancement they need to reach for and attain their dreams. As an experienced and well trained cosmetic surgeon, Haimovici helps patients combat the deformities that often result from aging, genetics, obesity, pregnancy and more, helping every patient find a new lease of life through improved appearance and better self-esteem.

It is both the will and the desire of Lioudmila Haimovici that motivates her to serve the needs of patients on a daily basis. It is this same internal drive responsible for her involvement in the “Creando Sonrias Para Toda Una Vida” mission, an event she volunteered for in 2011, and that afforded her the opportunity to put her skills, training and passion to good use for a population in dire need of quality medical treatment.

As a volunteer for the Dominican Republic-based mission, Lioudmila Haimovici enjoyed the chance to provide invaluable Cleft lip and Palate/Trauma Reconstructive Surgery and services to many less fortunate people; to make a genuine and substantial difference in the lives of people who would not have otherwise had access to such great medical care. The mission, which helped many get the help they need to live a healthier life, provided Haimovici a deep sense of reward and fulfillment, and is an experience that will truly be with her for the rest of her life. She looks back fondly on the experience, as well as kindness and hospitality of the Dominican people.

Lioudmila Haimovici: Presentations Since 2006

Lioudmila Haimovici is a skilled Reconstructive and Plastic Surgeon, someone who specializes in procedures that help women build and maintain the self-confidence they need to feel better and achieve their personal and professional objectives. A well-educated, experienced and trained plastic surgeon, Haimovici has built her career on a foundation of extensive educational training; an academic tenure that includes multiple presentations concerning medical procedures and techniques.

Lioudmila Haimovici is responsible for multiple presentations between 2006 and 2011, each one providing insight into either a case study, a condition or the impact of a new procedure. Her presentation accomplishments, from 2006 on, are listed as follows:

–Loud Haimovici, Sotirios Papafragkou, Shahriyour Andaz, et al: Cardiac disruption following sudden deceleration. A case report and the literature review. Poster Presentation at “Annual meeting of Brooklyn and Long Island, American College of Surgeons” December 6, 2006.

–Sotirios Papafragkou, Loud Haimovici, Shahriyour Andaz, et al: An unusual mediastinal mass presenting as traumatic hemothorax. A case report and the literature review. Poster Presentation at “Annual meeting of Brooklyn and Long Island American College of Surgeons” December 6, 2006.

–Loud Haimovici, Sotirios Papafragkou, L.D. George Angus, et al: Handlebar hernia with multiple small bowel perforations and mesenteric disruption. A case report. Poster Presentation at “Annual meeting of Brooklyn and Long Island American College of Surgeons” December 6, 2006.

–Sotirios Papafragkou, Loud Haimovici: Blunt Pancreatic Trauma and Pseudocyst: A Conservative approach. A Retrospective Study. Poster Presentation at “Annual meeting of Brooklyn and Long Island American College of Surgeons” December 5, 2007.

–Louda Haimovici, Alex Dagum, Lawrence Hurst: Comparing the relative importance of suture technique, suture material, and the number of strands in the repair of flexor tendons. Poster Presentation at “Annual meeting of Brooklyn and Long Island American College of Surgeons” December 2, 2009.

Loud Haimovici, Jason Adams, Alexander Dagum: The impact of fiberwire, fiberloop and locking suture configuration on flexor tendon repairs. Paper Presentation at “28th annual meeting of Northeastern Society of Plastic Surgeons” October 22, 2011.